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Tools for V&V

From earlier topics, we now know what V&V is and how can we execute it, but this world is all about making life easier,  and how else can you make life easier for developers other than give them tools to facilitate their job? These are tools that will help greatly in the verification and validation process.

Tools for version control

Version control has been very useful for every developer out there. Version control tools are systems that can record changes made in the code file or other files. These records can be consulted later to perhaps restore changes previously overridden or simply to check what changed from one version of the software to another.


Git is one of the best version control tools that are available. I personally use it all the time when it comes to school and work related projects.


Another popular choice for version control, CVS works in a different way than Git but accomplishes the same goal. Unlike Git that works with commits, CVS keeps track of each file individually, each one of them having its own version key.


Written in python, mercurial is similar to Git in many ways, the key difference is how mercurial saves each commit. Git represents its commits as snapshots, containing in each one of them all the files in the repository, while mercurial represents them as diffs which means a commit will only store changed files. This is a better way to save space but it means Mercurial will be a little slower.

These tools are not the only tools in the market, there are a lot more but these are the most famous ones. If you want more information about these and more version control tools you can visit here

Tools for testing

Testing automation is very used everywhere in the world. This means that it inspired the creation of tools to make automation and other forms of testing a bit easier.


Because it is a pain to test web apps in each separate browser to see if it works or displays correctly, Selenium is used to test web applications across various browsers and platforms. You can test in various programming languages and it is said that it supports some of the largest browser vendors in their projects.

Testing whiz

Another all-in-one useful tool, Testing whiz offers various automated solutions that range from web testing to optimization and automation. Although behind a subscription wall, this tool seems pretty useful to save time in testing procedures.

Like version control tools, there are a great number of tools for testing and you are welcome to experiment with different kinds. For more information about this tools you can visit here

Tools for process administration

There are many tools that can used in process adnministration. The main focus of this type of tools is to manage the administration parts of a project, this means user stories, requirements, releases, etc. We have surely heard about process administration tools before, for example monday.com, but there are tools that are aimed specifically at software developement.


Jira seems to be the most famous tool specifically defined for software developement management. Inside you can create user stories, manage product releases and view your team’s progress. You can use this tool for free up to 10 registered users, after that it will have a cost.


Basecamp is also one of the more popular choices when it comes to software development management mainly because it can integrate plug-in services that lead to dropbox or anything you need really. The disadvantage of this tool is that it is behind a paywall.

For more information about process administration tools with advantage in software development you can visit here

These are examples of tools used to facilitate the application of verification and validation to the project.

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