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Software Testing

Software testing is the act of testing… software… yeah it’s pretty obvious but the topic still has its trick. The goal of software testing is to provide enough information about what is being tested in order to meet certain requirements. These requirements commonly being, but not limited to: Meeting the requirements that guided its designSigue leyendo «Software Testing»

Verification & Validation

Verification and Validation (or V&V in short) is the process of investigating and checking in which degree does software satisfy specifications and standards given because of the necessities of the project, and also makes sure it can successfully complete the tasks it was intended to do. Verification and Validation are two completely different things VerificationSigue leyendo «Verification & Validation»

Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement

Software process improvement methodology is defined as definitions of sequence of tasks, tools and techniques which can be used to improve the process of creating software. There are a lot of models for software process improvement, but the better known ones will be shown in this entry along with its explanation and characteristics. CMMI IfSigue leyendo «Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement»

Software Quality

Software quality is an aspect of software developing that cares about how well software is designed for its intended purpose and how well the requirements and functionalities are followed. This means that the better a code’s requirements are satisfied, the better quality it will have.  But how can we know that a program is ofSigue leyendo «Software Quality»

The Deadline: Chapter 17, 18 & Interlude

Only 211 days till due date! Is it time to hit the gas? These chapters are about conflict, how to solve stuff and how to treat people with mediation. Mr. Tompkins and the crew still need to figure out how to calm the angry manager from before, and well essentially any other stressed person. PerhapsSigue leyendo «The Deadline: Chapter 17, 18 & Interlude»